Julie Zuckerberg – Role Model and Trail Blazer

Julie Zuckerberg is an Executive Recruitment Lead and an expert in the field with over a decade of experience. Based in New York, she resides over Talent Acquisition at Deutsche Bank, and with degrees in Philosophy and Law under her belt, this amazing woman started her career by joining Hudson. After being with Hudson for five years, she decided to join up as an Executive Recruiter for Citi Global Consumer Bank, stationed right in New York. Allowing her to help management on a multitude of levels and advised on recruitment strategies and compensation trends, giving the company the lead above there many competitors. She stayed with Citi clear through, and now in 2017, she is aligned to become Executive recruiter for Citi, also having dabbled in advice for other companies, such as New York Life Insurance Company.


Julie currently works at Deutsche Bank with the title of Executive Recruiter and coaches recruitment executive groups and strongly believes that you should recruit the right people. With a knack for finding the best people, she handles a wide variety of roles and responsibilities. She has even managed to get over a near crippling idea that most business people ignore. Millennials will dominate the next few decades of business, and she has learned to talk to, work with, and even easily hire, the right people for the job, even in this group of people. By building confidence, morale, and appreciation, she finds the best ways to get the group of people to find passion in their work. Zuckerberg seems always to be moving, either hiring global talent improving her knowledge, running or taking photos she is always doing something. Adaptable, evident in her approach to Millennial and capable of handling complex situations in the field for Talent Acquisition and Executive Recruitment she is one of the many faces of leadership and capability that are rare to see these days. With a strong education and willingness to aspire she has risen through college, to Hudson, and on to Citi to land at Deutsche Bank. Making a difference and blazing a trail of quality recruitment she has managed to make a name for herself in the business.


With a mass of skill and knowledge at her disposal, Julie Zuckerberg has become of the most prominent Recruiters no matter her official title, in the business. She is versatile in her ability and has the credentials to prove it, showing the world that knowledge and ambition can fuel you to places that you’ve never known you could reach. A wonderful inspiration to those hoping to manage Talent and Recruitment in any field. She is spoken highly of by her peers and has managed everything from her college to her career right in New York. Her variety of experience and ability makes her an excellent role model to look up to and a capable teacher of those she does recruit. Thankfully it seems that this wonderful role model will be around for quite some time, continuing to do what she does best.