Cotemar Mexico has Extensive Oil Field Knowledge

Cotemar Mexico is staking a strong claim in the new frontier of the deregulated Mexican oil industry. They have specialized skills in many areas of oil and gas production and especially excel in Gulf of Mexico production.

They combine a rare blend of efficiency, safety, and speed to help companies maximize their production. They should be a strong candidate as a partner of choice in the new Mexican oil industry.

Cotemar Mexico has a wealth of resources to help clients realize a competitive advantage. They have experience and expertise in equipment maintenance which helps clients keep production schedules. They are experts in pipe installation, IT services and telecommunication systems, and security and safety systems. With their deep experience and abilities, companies can rely on Cotemar Mexico.

Production Engineering Optimization is another area where Cotemar Mexico shines. With their ability to design facilities which optimize production and maintenance, Cotemar is a step above the competition. They have the technology and resources to facilitate gas management and recovery, accomplish CO2 emission reduction, develop water treatment systems, and recycle drilling mud.

With their use of specialized vessels, Cotemar further enhances the development of offshore oilfields. They transport structures necessary for oilfield exploitation. These include things like abrasive bulk materials, sand, barite, and mud.

They are able to expeditiously overhaul platforms and provide routine maintenance as well.  They are able to provide work decks which are used for the construction of equipment and for storage areas. They also work with semi-submersible platforms and provide diving equipment for the surveying and overhauling of process lines. They also provide laundry services, food catering, and even recreational opportunities which include gyms and cinemas.

Cotemar Mexico is deeply concerned with environmental safety. They have designed and implemented rigorous safety procedures which are state-of-the-art in the oil services industry. With their wide range of skills and abilities, Cotemar Mexico is uniquely positioned to lead the Mexican revival of their oil industry.