Ricardo Tosto Tops the List of Influential Lawyers

Ricardo Tosto is a Brazilian based lawyer and entrepreneur. He was born on 11, March 1963, and has since his childhood shown a keen interest in legal and administrative matters. Due to the above interests, his teachers enrolled him in school debate clubs and scout missions right from an early age. Moreover, he showed leadership acumen, a factor that made teachers assign him leadership positions from his early grades.

Ricardo Tosto studied law at the Presbyterian McKenzie University. He also extended his education by taking a Bachelor of Business Administration from Fundacao Armando Penteado University. In his law profession, Ricardo has represented the big companies, politicians, and entrepreneurs, a factor that has earned him much respect in the nation. In the national lawyers’ statistics, he is classified among the most influential and convincing lawyers since he wins almost all his cases.

Notably, it has not been easy for Rosto, as some of his difficult cases have put him in very stressing positions. Nevertheless, he always researched intently and introduced new clues and facts in the cases. In fact, most of the laws in Brazil have been extended and included in the governing law based on Ricardo Tosto’s arguments in court.

Ricardo is also a mentor to many workers who join his firm as trainees and emerge as top lawyers in the country. One of the leading qualities that he teaches the team is the consistent study of the law. The above entails research that surpasses the existing law into what could be added to make the constitution more accommodating.

Ricardo is one of the founders of the Leite Tosto e Barros Advocates. He also serves as the most influential partner in the firm. His practice is mainly in bankruptcy law, credit recovery, banking contracts, business restructuring, administrative law, civil law, banking contracts, acquisition review and commercial law. Roberto Tosto also works as a legal company advisor. His primary advisory departments are in the HR and legal management of the organizations. He also serves as a director of several firms. Additionally, Ricardo Tosto has severally been nominated as the most influential Brazilian lawyer by the Brazilian legal publications.