Talk To Your Loved Ones In A Correctional Facility Over A Secure Network

Unfortunately, Global Tel-Link had a few inaccuracies associated with their inmate calling network and they were discovered by Securus Technologies. Securus is one of the industries most trust inmate calling regulators. In fact, as reparations to their customers Global Tel-Link is offering free calls to the residents of Louisiana for a limited time. Government mandate requires that all inmate calls go through the proper surveillance and monitoring. The Public Utility Commission is proud to announce that Securus is on the job in a PRN Newswire article. Securus is now offering their services as one of the largest growing inmate calling providers in the network.


They have partnered with two successful companies to ensure that you get the minutes that you need to stay connected when it matters the most. Most individuals complain about the rising cost of inmate calls. Now more than ever you can get minutes that will allow you to save time and reduce your commute to a correctional facility. Securus values their customers and listens to their feedback and adds services according to what works for their customers.


Inmate Calling Features


Commute Less


You don’t have to worry about commuting to a facility with services like video chat from Vimeo and advanced pay options with JPay Services. Securus says these features work really well for your loved ones that are disabled or unable to commute.


Talk More


Advanced Pay options allow you to talk more because you can purchase inmate minutes in advance and talk to your loved ones when you want to without the need of operator assistance. Your encouraged to become a part of the Securus Technologies team today.


Calls For Free

Securus is a company that many jails and prisons across the country use so that inmates can call home to their family and friends. In the wake of the recent flooding in Louisiana, Securus has made it possible so that inmates across the state can make one free call to family members each day. Securus knows that it’s important for inmates to keep in touch with those they love in times of crisis so that they don’t add to the anxiety already felt while being incarcerated.


The company will let inmates make a free call a day until September 7, 2016. The company is expected to provide about $300,000 worth of free phone calls. This is a huge cut to the amount of money that the company makes from people who put money on an account to accept a phone call, but it is a benefit to everyone involves. It’s a gesture that other phone companies should follow and that Securus should be commended for as they are making sure inmates rest a little easier at night.