George Soros – A Global Leader With a Heart

According to the Value standards of the Open Society Foundations, their aim is to support human rights, support a society where all people are free, erase inequalities, holding individuals in power accountable for their actions, help communities press for better changes, support an open society, support solutions that advance systemic change, and encourage debate and respect diverse opinions.

Its CEO and founder is Mr. George Soros, an Hungarian-American, who is a billionaire hedge fund manager. Mr. Soros created the Open Society Foundations over 30 years ago and which now operates as a philanthropic organization in the United States and in over 120 countries. The Open Society Foundations and its leadership addresses issues like relief for refugees, public health, early childhood, education, justice reform, promote human rights movements, support the LGBT community and minority movements.

In a major move over the years, Mr. Soros made an endowment of $18 billion out of his whole fortune of $23B, to the Open Society Foundations. This financial transfer makes it the largest wealth transfer made by a private donor to a foundation. The money also makes the second largest donation after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. George Soros founded the Open Society Foundation in 1993 and has spent nearly $14 billion funding programs around the world.

The Open Society Foundations typically spends close to $900 million annually on the programs and grants that match their mission and goals. After Mr. Soros transferred the bulk of his estate to Open Society Foundations, he stated that the foundation does not plan to increase any additional donations to their charities and organization in the near future.

Having lived through the atrocities of the Jewish-Hungarian war, George Soros became a liberal backer of causes. As such, he has immersed his support into the U.S. Democratic process by supporting many candidates, especially Hillary Clinton in her run for the presidency.

In the early 1940s Soros and his family fled the communist rule in his native country and eventually immigrated to the United States. Due to his history, he has become a leader of liberal causes, including political candidates like Hillary Clinton, in hopes of a better open society through George leadership. After living in the U.S. and attending higher educational institutions, George Soros had a gift for investments and became a success on Wall Street.

Up until Mr. Soros’ gift to his foundation he had given more than $30 billion to a number of national and international movements. The Open Society Foundations has both been openly and quietly involved in many movements around the globe. The organization funded treatment centers during the West Africa 2014 Ebola outbreak and created an institution to house the music, art, and highlighting the traditions of Europe’s Roma community.

The arts center stood for a voice that the Roma people did not have. Mr. Soros also supported many organizations designed to stop the 2016 hate crime and violence. His support was to the tune of $10 million. The Open Society Foundations is making a great impact on the world with their support on many social justice issues. At age 87, George Soros continues to be a visionary and overseer of the works of the Open Society Foundations.