Jeff Yastine’s Discovery Of IRS Code 852 And Kennedy Accounts

Kennedy Accounts have been popularized by Jeff Yastine in a recent viral video of his in which he discusses the unique investment opportunity that they represent. While the term Kennedy Accounts was coined by Jeff Yastine himself the investment opportunity to which they refer is very real indeed. Read this article at Seeking Alpha.

Jeff Yastine has been a member of the financial journalism industry for his entire career. He first entered the national spotlight upon the receivable of his Emmy nomination for the work Jeff Yastine did on PBS publication The Nightly Business Report regarding America’s underfunded road system. Since then he has had the opportunity to interact directly with numerous investment legends including individuals such as Warren Buffett, Steve Forbes, Sir Richard Branson, and even Michael Dell. Over his career, he has built up a substantial wealth of knowledge regarding the finance and investment industries, and he has taken it upon himself to inform investors across America of unique and profitable investment opportunities as a member of Banyan Hill Publishing Company. He is the current editor for Total Wealth Insider and a regular contributor to several other publications of Banyan Hill Publishing Company such as Sovereign Investor Daily.

Kennedy Accounts are by far his most popular investment recommendation; however, there is much confusion as to what they actually refer to. Upon further investigation, it becomes quite clear that Kennedy Accounts refer to an investment opportunity first introduced to the American economy by none other the John F. Kennedy himself. At the start of his presidency, John F. Kennedy was confronted by an American economy that was experiencing some of the largest difficulties it had experienced since World War II. The American economy was subject to a stagnant GDP, rising unemployment, and a declining value in its stock market. In order to attack these issues, Kennedy realized that you must implement an aggressive plan to incentivize American investors to participate in the US stock market.


As part of his plan, he introduced a new piece of the tax code which is known as IRS code 852. IRS code 852 allows corporations that qualify to participate in Direct Stock Purchase Plans also known as DSPP. Direct Stock Purchase Plans allow individuals to invest directly in a corporation by purchasing stock from the company rather than using a stockbroker as is typical in the conventional stock market. By eliminating the stockbroker, individuals are able to save money by no longer needing to pay commission fees. Learn more about Jeff Yastine at Release Fact.