ClassDojo Is Creating Community Among Students, Parents, and Teachers

Parents all across the globe care about their children’s learning. They want to make sure that their child is getting the necessary education in life in order to succeed. It also stretches beyond that. Parents want to be proud of their children. They want to see the accomplishments, projects, papers, and various forms of learning that their children are doing. They want to be involved and more importantly, they want to be proud. Luckily that dream can now become a reality. It’s all thanks to a relatively new concept called ClassDojo,

The Journal recently came out with an article summarizing what all the hype is about ClassDojo. The article explains that ClassDojo is a way for students to record what they’re doing in school and share it with their parents. Parents never have to miss out on a moment. Each student has their own portfolio and they can add pictures and videos to it. A few teachers in the article shared their love of Class Dojo. Overall, they are proud that parents will be able to be a part of their child’s learning.

To sign up, a student has to simply pick a username that they will remember. They then join a classroom by typing in the code that was given to them by their teacher and their parent’s email address. Students then create their own portfolios where they can share pictures and videos of what they learned. ClassDojo is creating community by helping everyone to join together in the power of learning.

Overall, ClassDojo is a great way to bridge that gap that exists between teachers, students, and parents. It’s bringing everyone together in the power of learning. Parents can instantly see what their child is learning about and doing in school. They can actually learn right along with them! It’s not just the learning.  This tool is truly the way of the future and opening up all sorts of new interactive ways to learn.


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