A Fresh Look At George Soros

There has been a new article about well-known entrepreneur and philanthropist George Soros according to Discover The Networks. George Soros made his huge fortune as a hedge fund manager. He has over the years been known for his active roles in both politics and charitable giving. George Soros has tried to bring a positive impact to people’s lives by supporting Democratic candidates, causes, and ideals in both the United States and around the world. He has even played a part in toppling dictators that ruled their countries for years if not decades, and in doing so bringing about democracies on NYTimes.com.

Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930. His family was split up after the Nazis occupied the city in 1944 and he was sent to live with another family. He was able to rejoin his family a year later and they moved to England. A great influence in his life there was the writings of Karl Popper who wrote about open societies and closed societies, and how open societies were far more beneficial to its citizens. George Soros eventually moved to New York, in 1959, and became a stock trader. While living in Greenwich Village he was exposed to leftist ideals by progressive thinkers including Allen Ginsberg and Michael Harrington. In 1973 George Soros Soros co-founded Soros Fund Management which is where he grew his fortune. According to Forbes, George Soros is, with $25.2 billion, the 19th richest person in America.

George Soros has used part of his fortune for many philanthropic causes ever since he began his charitable giving in 1979. Among the first of his causes was building a democracy in his native Hungary, based on the open society concept he learned about while in college. It was after he opened an office in Moscow in in 1987 that he truly opened his coffers, going from giving $3 million a year to $300 million. Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s he established foundations throughout Eastern Europe and Central Asia that worked to foster democracy and government openness on Biography. The centerpiece of his philanthropy became Open Society Foundations that he uses to provide funding to democratic candidate and causes worldwide. Among these is his 2016 commitment to provide $500 million to companies in the United States that are founded by immigrants and refugees. Among George Soros’ beliefs is that the United States is an oppressive nation, a violator of human rights both home and abroad, and as such is a closed society that does not benefit or value its citizens. He has used his fortune in order to bring attention to these causes and works to turn America into an open society.

Do Not Miss These Wedding Locations

Want the perfect wedding pictures? George Street Photo and Video Locations are in over 40 different cities. Two of their location would be flawless for wedding photos or video. The first location is in Orland Park, Illinois. The Village of Orland Park is a beautiful suburb of Chicago. This village would be a fantastic choice for wedding photos or video because it contains over 60 parks in the community. If you planned for a winter wedding, The Winter Wonderland Ice Rink would be an astounding background. The other location is in Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland offers the Chagrin Falls Triangle Park and the Metroparks Zoo/Rainforest. Either of these sites contributes unique surroundings for unique weddings.


An insight Into The Life Of Jason Hope

Healthcare technology investor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, just to name a few, these are the titles that can fit Jason Hope. Jason Hope is from Arizona, and sometimes back, he talked about his life with inspirery.com and here is what he had to say.

Jason decided to enter the entrepreneurial world shortly after graduation. Jason Hope has a degree from Arizona State University where he specialized in finance. He also holds an MBA from the same University. He settled for the mobile communication as it had the potential to grow and also reached large groups of people. He felt there was a lot of returns in this area.

Jason Hope says that he started selling premium text messages as he feels that the industry has more room for growth. Jason Hope believes that the future of humanity lies in the internet of things. He still holds his passion in medical and technology research and considers himself as a futurist. Jason says that he makes his money from his portfolio of technology companies such as Jawa. This is a mobile communication company that he established many years ago and has acted as a stepping stone for him. Some of his companies offer marketing services such as search engine optimization. They also offer other services such as digital media solutions, interactive software and computer and business information systems.

Jason Hope says that it didn’t take him long for his business to pick up. However, he says that he had a healthy sense of doubt at the beginning but managed to deal with this over time. He says that the doubt keeps him on his toes. Jason says that as an entrepreneur, new products and ideas are likely to present unending challenges to serious entrepreneurs. He says that referrals are very important in business as they act as a source if generated revenue. Jason Hope recommends social media as one marketing strategy that can work well beyond referral if implemented well.

Learn more about Json Hope at http://jasonhope.com/about/

Dick DeVos Strives to Make a Real Difference through Entrepreneurial, Philanthropic, and Political Initiatives

Dick DeVos is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who spent his career holding various executive positions in several companies. He earned his business administration degree from the Northwood University. He also attended Wharton School to study executive research. For years, DeVos has received honorary doctorates from leading centers of academic excellence such as Central Michigan University, Grove City College, and the renowned Northwood University. Throughout his career, he has garnered skills in marketing, public relations, strategic planning, entrepreneurship, team building, and public relations. DeVos is the current President and Board Chairman of The Windquest Group.


DeVos’ work experience


DeVos began his career in 1974 at his father’s company. He held various positions in the finance, marketing, research, and sales division. In 1984, DeVos was made vice president of the Amway Corporation. He managed the company’s activities in the foreign nations, increasing the sales of the company by a significant percentage. In 1991, he was assigned to head Orlando Magic, a company bought by Amway Corporation. Orlando Magic is a National Basketball Association that manages a basketball team.


In 1993, he became the head of Amway Corporation following his father’s retirement. Being the enterprising businessperson, DeVos restructured the company, and within his first-year tenure as the president, the company increased its sales by $4.5 billion. He also renamed the company to Alticor Corporation. After retiring in 2002, he took over the leadership mantle of The Windquest Group, a company that he established while he was working at Amway.


In 2010, DeVos was appointed a member of the Board of Directors of Michigan Chamber of Commerce. The same year, he established the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a chartered high school based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Willow Creek Associations also appointed him to serve as its vice president. For over two decades, DeVos has been serving as the co-chairman of the Grand Action Committee.


DeVos’ philanthropic acts


For decades, Dick DeVos has involved himself in various charitable activities. He established Dick and Betsy Foundation, an organization focused on Building talents. This foundation donates to religious, artistic, educational, and civic communities in Michigan.  DeVos is also an activist and serves as a civic leader representing the interests of members of the Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan and the Grand Action.

Say What?! These insane Harry Potter fan theories may actually BE TRUE!


The Harry Potter universe is one filled with magic, wonder, and insane twists and turns. So it’s no wonder that fans of the series have developed their own crazy theories about the wizarding world. ] Author J.K Rowling has even added fuel to the fire by suggesting that some of these Harry Potter fan theories may actually be true! Here are just a few of the insane fan theories lingering around the web.

  1. The entire series is hallucination


One theory is that Harry has dreamt up this entire magical world from his room underneath the Dursley’s stairs. Rowling has acknowledged this theory by suggesting that he might have gone mad in living with the Dursleys. No Dumbledore?! NO!!!


  1. George Weasley becomes Willy Wonka


The similarities are certainly there. They are both eccentric men with an insatiable appetite for jokes and candy. The theory is that after the death of his brother Fred, George fulfills his brother’s dream by becoming a candy tycoon. Come to think of it, Willy Wonka has always had an inexplicable magical flair.


  1. Harry can never die


Professor Trelawney’s prophecy stated that “Either must die at the hand of the other, neither can live while the other survives”. Harry did defeat Voldemort so it makes perfect sense that he can no longer die. On the bright side, that means that Voldemort can’t ever come back, which is sort of sad because he definitely makes any list of villains from now until the end of time.


As far as Harry Potter theories go, these are pretty crazy. Here’s hoping for another book to explain it all!

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Shooting Photos

Sometimes concerning shooting photos, it is not what you do but ultimately what you do not do that determines how well photos will look. People can purchase the most expensive equipment on wordpress.com, and they can have the most beautiful photo to shoot, but committing some common mistakes can make the photos look average or below average.

While many people do not think of everyday photo shooting as something that takes skill, knowledge, or experience, shooting good photos is usually not an accident. People who know how to shoot good photos can use the best or worst equipment at https://adrianjosevelasquezfigueroa.withknown.com and their photos will still turn out fine. However, people who do not have any idea of how to take a good photo can use the best equipment and there photos will probably still lack a great look.

With modern technology a lot of what use to be necessary to take great photos is no longer necessary. Technology helps aid people in many ways related to shooting nice photos on crunchbase.com. However, technology cannot replace the skill and expertise of people who really know how to shoot photos. In many ways, shooting photos is an art, some people have a talent that is hard to describe.

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is person who many people consider to be a talented photographer. He understands the finer points of shooting photos, and he provides advice to people who want to take good photos.

Some common mistakes that Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa says many people make regarding shooting photos include:

1. The level of black and white is not correct.
2. Photographs are not consistent.
3. The majority of the pictures are taken while traveling
4. The composition is not correct.
5. People take too many pictures.
6. The shots are not sharp enough.
7. The person taken the picture is not close enough.
8. HDR is excessive.
9. The colors are too strong.
10. There is no topic.

An executive who is known in all business circles in Panama, Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa currently holds several key positions with multiple companies in Panama.

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa brings a great deal of business experience and knowledge to the companies where he holds a position. He has a very good understanding of the business world and what it takes to make a company successful.

Holiday Investments from UK Vintners

Give your cherished clients and investors the versatile gift of vitality from UK Vintners this holiday season. With half of the world growing grapes and producing wine, you need to know the taste of grapes from region to region. Sparkling wines, bring elegance, versatility, and excitement to your holiday table. The zest of the holiday season is a gift that keeps giving as it warms the hearts of your family and friends.

Your Holiday Table

Though personal preference guides the purchase of wine, in terms of red or white wine, UK Vintners recommend red Pinot Noir and Zinfandel or white Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling, to complement Cornish hens, duck, or turkey. Pinot Noir is a subtle red wine which brings out the nutritious flavor of your mushrooms, white meat, and stuffing. Zinfandel is a fuller more intense red wine which balances the hearty flavors of your spiced stuffing and sweet potatoes. From Alsace, Germany, Riesling is a dry or sweet white wine with the flavor of honey, apple, and apricots, which rivals sweet potatoes, white meat fowl, and herbed stuffing.

Prime Rib

Your prime rib or standing rib roasts demands a serious red wine with bold flavor. A French Bordeaux, an Italian Barolo, or a Spanish Tempranillo releases the nuances of your standing rib roast, herbed potatoes, and asparagus. If you demand white wine for all occasions, white Chardonnay may neutralize the rich fatty content and texture of your red meat protein and saturated fat. UK Vintners also recommends Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Rhone Valley wines from Côtes du Rhône, France, and an Italian Barbaresco for down to earth flavor.


UK Vintners acquire and market prestigious wine from the finest vineyards in France, Italy, and Spain. The retail value of UK Vintners private collection wine and champagne increases in value and is offered for resale at significant financial gain. Impress your investors and clients with a gift of an exciting sparkling investment-quality wine from your private collection.

Dessert Wines

UK Vintners suggest sherry or rose wines to simply add delicious cream or honey to your pumpkin or pecan pie. The viscosity of the wines fortify the robust spices or caramelized flavor of your pie. Spanish Grenache grapes fortify more complicated chocolate and ice cream desserts. Zinfandels with their higher alcohol content energize your sugary desserts and coat your ice cream with intense fruit flavor.

Holiday Celebrations

UK Vintners recommend wines from Chateau Lafite, Bordeaux, France’s most famous vineyard with gifts of meat and cheese. You create your own celebrations with gifts of chocolate truffles and the light fruit taste of Gamay grapes in our French Beaujolais Noveau wine. Dark grapes of Chateau Moulton Rothschild merge well with dark or bittersweet chocolate, at least 35% cacao content. UK Vintners serve Southern French Merlot with richer 55% cocoa solids in confections and desserts. Port wine matches the character of any dark chocolate dessert or truffle.

Let UK Vintners create your holiday celebrations. Collect investment-quality wines which increase in value and add value to your anniversary celebrations.

Click here to learn more about UK Vintners PLC.

Fabletics Style

Are you looking for some of the best deals out there on athletic clothing? Are you feeling like you need a shake-up in your style? Then look no further than Fabletics. It takes just a little bit to get started, and all you have to do is fill out a form to let them know what kind of life you live, and then you’re set. Sound good?


Fabletics lets you pick what you like from their selection, which is prepared specially for you every month. Between the 1st and the 5th, you just log in, and then you can decide if you want their selection for you. If you don’t want it, you simply pass it over, and you get a credit to your account for the next month.


The best thing, perhaps, about Fabletics is that you can be sure Kate Hudson wants you to feel sexy in their clothes, and you’ll love just what she picks out for you. And the clothes are designed to look something like Gap Body, which is the perfect solution to your clothing woes. If you love a new look, why not try it?


You’re sure to appreciate that you’ll get a great saving on your outfit with this VIP club, and all VIP items are shipped for free to your home, so you can’t think of a better deal.


If you’re interested in signing up, now is the time! Be sure that you pick out just what you want to wear, and then you can pass over some items and get your credit. But we’re sure you’ll want to order your new Fabletics outfit every month, for the clothes are great, and winter is on its way, bringing new needs for outfits.


So, what are you waiting for? All you have to do is fill out your form to let Fabletics know what you like. Then, you can move right into the VIP club with them! You’re sure to love their products, and we sure want to recommend them with the highest accolades possible.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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Exciting Tips To Improve Your Smartphone Photography Skills

Every smartphone comes with unique features that can allow one to take photos and edit them as required. There are many options for one to capture moments and store them for the future but few understand the amazing things they can achieve using their smartphones. Learning about your smartphone may take few days but mastering the right skills that can boost your photography is another process that involves pursuing information from different quarters and applying the skills acquired.

As Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa explains, there are small things that many photographers ignore but ones that count a lot in the process of preparing the photos. Below are some of the tips he gives to those using smartphones to capture photos.

The principal of composition
You may achieve a good shot from things that come intuitively, but this may not guarantee great photography every other time. You need to compose a scene so you can achieve what you want from your photography. You should learn the basic composition rules and properties that can work to polish your photos further according to Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. One of the most important rules is to locate the most important part of the subject and ensure you incorporate at least two thirds of the area.

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Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: Los 10 Mejores Lugares para Visitar en Panamá
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Move closer
One of the challenges that come with the cameras of smartphones is the fact that they do not offer the optical zoom feature, which implies you may get a lot of distortion whenever you zoom a picture. To eliminate this challenge, you can move closer to the subject. Approaching the object also allows you to enhance the depth and quality of the photo by ensuring the texture of the object is not distorted once you capture the image.

Try third party applications
Most camera applications that come with the phone have all the features you may need for basic shooting and editing. However, there are other third party applications like Camera 360 that you can use to prepare high quality photos while taking advantage of the extra features that are included to make your work easier and better.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa
Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa, a businessman and entrepreneur based in Venezuela, is a professional who has gone a long way to ensuring the business community of Venezuela is developed further. He works as a director at more than five companies due to his skills and in recent past he started offering information about photography to upcoming photographers. Apart from excelling in business, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is also a renowned photographer.

Read more tips from Figueroa on PR Newschannel

Talk To Your Loved Ones In A Correctional Facility Over A Secure Network

Unfortunately, Global Tel-Link had a few inaccuracies associated with their inmate calling network and they were discovered by Securus Technologies. Securus is one of the industries most trust inmate calling regulators. In fact, as reparations to their customers Global Tel-Link is offering free calls to the residents of Louisiana for a limited time. Government mandate requires that all inmate calls go through the proper surveillance and monitoring. The Public Utility Commission is proud to announce that Securus is on the job in a PRN Newswire article. Securus is now offering their services as one of the largest growing inmate calling providers in the network.


They have partnered with two successful companies to ensure that you get the minutes that you need to stay connected when it matters the most. Most individuals complain about the rising cost of inmate calls. Now more than ever you can get minutes that will allow you to save time and reduce your commute to a correctional facility. Securus values their customers and listens to their feedback and adds services according to what works for their customers.


Inmate Calling Features


Commute Less


You don’t have to worry about commuting to a facility with services like video chat from Vimeo and advanced pay options with JPay Services. Securus says these features work really well for your loved ones that are disabled or unable to commute.


Talk More


Advanced Pay options allow you to talk more because you can purchase inmate minutes in advance and talk to your loved ones when you want to without the need of operator assistance. Your encouraged to become a part of the Securus Technologies team today.