Adam Milstein Exposes Who Enemies Of Jewish And Israeli Community Are

Adam Milstein is the Managing Partner of one of Los Angeles’s largest Jewish-American owned real estate investment companies, Hager Pacific Properties. He’s also President of the Israeli-American Council and an author for the Jerusalem Post, and he wrote an article recently about who is promoting anti-Semitism around the world. He works to combat both anti-Israeli speech and anti-Semitic activities on college campuses and to encourage support for his native land through his philanthropy events.

According to Adam Milstein, a major source of today’s anti-Semitism is coming from radical Islam in conjunction with people on the progressive political left. For Milstein, it’s important that young Jewish college students and community leaders be aware of these people and have a plan to counter it. Milstein specifically mentioned Vermont senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders as having alliances with certain anti-Israeli propaganda groups. Milstein himself doesn’t consider himself to be on either side of politics, though one of his recent philanthropy supporters is Sheldon Adelson, a conservative donor.

Adam Milstein comes from Israel and was born just four years after its establishment in 1948. He served in the Israeli military during the Yom Kippur War, and afterward pursued his bachelor’s degree at the Technion. He also married Gila Elgrably not long after and for a few years he worked with his father in building framing and real estate investing. He then got his MBA from University of Southern California and went full-time into real estate brokering and helped launch Hager Pacific Properties along with David Hager and Robert Neal. Milstein is in charge of financing major commercial and residential property purchases.

Adam Milstein is head of both the Milstein Family Foundation and the Israeli-American Council. He and Gila don’t just give financial support to the groups they support, but are also actively involved in the group’s activities. Groups that are affiliated with the Milstein Family Foundation include Birthright Israel, Hasbara Fellowships, StandWithUs, Hillel International, Jerusalem U, and AIPAC. The Milsteins also help connect Jewish families to their roots through a Hebrew learning program that also has bedtime stories for children and more

Boraie Development Is Now Rebuilding Atlantic City’s Housing Spaces

Boraie Development is one of New Jersey’s top construction companies that has been building new commercial and residential buildings in partnership with private contractors, government agencies and non-profit urban development organizations. Right now they’re building new apartments in Atlantic City as part of their new Beach at South Inlet condominium. Atlantic City is experiencing some demographic shifts and also may be looking for new attractions to sell tourists and college students as many of its casinos have closed down recently. But as new businesses are starting to be brought in, Boraie Development says that its apartments that have a lot of modern features that will fit what most younger tenants are looking for in their housing.

Boraie Development is run by Omar Boraie and his two sons Wasseem and Sam, and his daughter Hia also has administrative responsibilities there. Omar Boraie started the company in New Brunswick, NJ during a time that the city’s economy was collapsing, and the downtown neighborhoods were becoming abandoned and crime-ridden. While even some of the top local real estate companies at the time were calling the city a lost case, Omar Boraie wasn’t and one reason he felt he could invest in downtown properties and do something with them was because the city’s top health provider Johnson & Johnson announced they would stay in New Brunswick. So Boraie started buying the properties and beginning with Albany Street turned them into brand shiny new spaces. Check out Bloomberg to see more.

Albany Street was Omar Boraie’s first purchase and there he took an abandoned 8-story building and parking garage and put his company headquarters surrounded by other company offices and small shops and started bringing traffic back to the area. That 8-story building was tower one, and Boraie soon put up tower two which brought more of the same and soon the whole plaza was looking much different than the dilapidated lot that Boraie had found it. The company soon was hired to take on more contracts, and soon they moved in on New Brunswick’s residential properties and introduced a Manhattan-style high rise on Spring Street that brought in some of the first modern housing, and it became leased out in a very short time. More housing would follow with construction of The Aspire, and the Beach at South Inlet is the latest of these projects. Boraie Development also happens to be a donor to Rutgers University’s Genomics Science Lab, and Rutgers awarded Omar Boraie the Omar Boraie Chair on the University’s board. Check out his website

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What Made Medicine in Brazil so Great, with Jorge Moll

Brazilians have agreed on one thing: National medicine has come a long way in 50 years.

Those who have experienced mid-20th century known that hospitals were not in such a good condition as they are today. Commercial centers like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the two most significant states of the country, now have some of the best hospitals and healthcare institutions in Latin America.

This strong performance can be related to two major assets: The medical education of Brazilian Universities and the development of new technology to be used in clinics and for healthcare treatments and therapies. Learn more about Jorge Moll at Google Scholar.

The Brazilian education has some of the best Universities in Latin America, mainly USP, the best University of the country, which is located in the São Paulo capital; UniCamp, located in Campinas, one of the best Medical Schools of South America, and Unesp, which is also a very well-developed institution. Most of the Brazilian medics, surgeons, and doctors of reputation have studied in these facilities for being free and having some of the best professors and materials for research.

This, coupled together with technology, has resulted in a very drastic improvement in medicine and the healthcare industry.

Jorge Moll, the co-founder, and owner of the D’Or Hospitals network, which is simply the biggest chain of private hospitals in the country, having a total of 32 buildings scattered around Brazil, has stated his own opinions on the development of new technology to be used in clinics. Follow Jorge on

As a Cardiologist himself, who has experienced treatments without modern tools and with them, Jorge Moll can say, with confidence, that technology can definitely improve the performance and effectiveness of therapies. Exams become easier to perform, with quicker and real-time results; professionals and doctors don’t have to rely on their senses anymore with advanced sensors and machinery; and patients can feel more comfortable and safe with tablets that can call nurses if help is required, and smartphones with applications that can measure the temperature and the heartbeat of the user.

With medicine, Jorge Moll firmly believes that technology will be mandatory. In that aspect, Brazil has already improved, and will continue to do so if both quality education and modern solutions are available.

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Glen Wakeman, Influencing the Business World

The MBA holder has made a name for himself as a business revolutionist. His desire to add a new touch to everything that crosses his path has made this possible. This has been well-illustrated by his performance methodology which has stood the test of time. Anyone who has emphasized on leadership power, governance, human capital, execution as well as risk management in their business can attest to the great success they have experienced. View Glen Wakeman’s profile

The vast experience he has acquired from the numerous managerial positions he has held enables him to inspire many people in the business world. He has also taken time to write about his success in investing. It has provided the much-needed advice to those who are new in the industry. Groups like Dreamfunded have sought his invaluable counsel on different market strategies.

Glen has worked in different countries where he was exposed to international financial platforms. These opportunities together with his passion for economic growth built his capacity in capital raising. He is keen to share all these business knowledge with anyone who cares to ask.

His desire to help startups who have a hard time creating plans for their novel ideas saw him build LaunchPad holdings. He does not believe in a one-person show. Distribution of responsibilities among his partners and employees on a daily basis as well as a high level of trust has kept him at the top of his game.


Much of the change that he has enacted boils down to his curious nature. A clear understanding of the why behind the what always leads to better decision making, especially when solving problems. Glen also runs his ideas with the people surrounding him to help him clarify anything that may be missing. His critics give him something to think about and stir him to fine-tune his ideas.

Glen Wakeman has embraced technology in his problem solving as it enhances the efficiency of his work. He holds discussions with most of his clients on Live chat and has used Fiver to acquire a lot of his resources inexpensively. He also gets to manage his time cost-effectively using Doodle that allows him to plan his calendar and organize meetings. The University of Scranton alumnus continues to influence business around the globe positively. Follow Glen Wakeman’s profile on Twitter.

Eli Gershkovitch Has Plans For Steamworks

Nobody can deny the reality that craft brewing has taken off in recent years. It’s a global phenomena with companies sprouting up just about everywhere. These companies are succeeding because they offer customers something they haven’t gotten from the corporate run world around them. People clearly want to get away from that and they certainly end up getting that out of Eli Gershkovitch’s Steamworks. He wants to make sure the vision for Steamworks continues into the future, but he also wants to see it expand well beyond what it is today. He understands that Millennials are absolutely in love with craft beers and he plans to capitalize on that. Learn more about Eli Gershkovitch at Crunchbase.

Craft beers are becoming popular among younger drinkers for a reason. They have seen recessions and economic turmoil devastate the business world, but seeing something start out so small and grow so large is giving them hope they didn’t have in the past. There is so much more to gain and so little to deny from the success of Steamworks. It’s creating an entirely new way of thinking about craft beer for those who otherwise feel no reason to get involved with this sort of thing. Millennials are being given the torch and the right to turn craft brewing into something much bigger by Eli Gershkovitch. Follow Eli Gershkovitch’s profile on

Eli Gershkovitch hasn’t gotten where he is because he decided he was going to take the easy way out. Instead, he chose to do just about everything he could to make the world around Eli Gershkovitch better and he chose to give his hobby the special interest it needed in order to become something much greater. Steamworks continues to grow even thought it’s been around since 1995. There are few companies that have reached the level of success the creation of Eli Gershkovitch has. It may not happen overnight, but it’s clear that he’s at the center of a revolution. There’s something about craft beer that appeals to our desire to see things homemade and close to us. If Eli Gershkovitch can continue doing what he does, we will probably see even more people decide to hope on this band wagon.


Dr. Mark Holterman Understands Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Mark Holterman is a respected pediatric surgeon who is located in Illinois. He’s also a celebrated medical researcher. He even spends a good amount of time at the University of Illinois lecturing. He regularly visits the institution’s College of Medicine to share his expertise. Holterman works for Mariam Global Health as its CEO (Chief Executive Officer). This is a company that focuses primarily on regenerative medicine concepts. Dr. Holterman is a pediatrician who has a lot of sway in the field. Fellow pediatricians give him the highest level of respect. They know all too well that he’s a professional who has put a lot of love and care into his vocation. Dr. Holterman is driven by his desire to do good for the pediatric world. This desire motivates him on a daily basis and is the reason he gets out of bed with a smile on his face every morning. He’s been working as a University of Illinois professor since 2011. He enjoys helping the College of Medicine become the vibrant educational haven it is. Know more on

Dr. Holterman graduated from Yale University located in Connecticut. He studied biology at the Ivy League institution. He went south to the University of Virginia after that. He got MD and PhD degrees from the university, too. Dr. Mark Holterman began a general surgery residency at the Health Services division for the University of Virginia. After that, he began a pediatric surgery fellowship. He did this at the acclaimed University of Washington. Read more about Dr. Mark Holterman at

He’s one of the people who launched AACT, which is short for the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies. He’s a professional who backs the progress of stem-cell and regenerative medicine practices. This doctor has substantial scientific research training. He has extensive clinical medicine training as well. That’s why he’s been so successful in the clinical care realm for so long. He cares about innovative technological methods. He believes that these methods can help push therapeutic concepts forward for the world. Mark Holterman is equipped with many helpful skills. He knows a lot about autoimmune therapy, public health, cancer therapeutics, adolescent obesity and cancer.


The Success Story of Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert has been successful in his career and is considered as one of the most successful Businessmen in Canada. His professional success is not a secret and his past career positions are a proof of this fact. In an article by Joe Williams published on Philly purge’s website on August 22, 2017, highlights the success of Louis Chenevert. Louis Chenevert served as the Chairperson and CEO of the United Technologies Corporation (UTC).Williams’ article also indicates that Louis Chenevert had served as the president of Canada’s Pratt and Whitney. The article titled “Following Louis Chenevert’s professional successes” looks at the steps that Louis Chenevert has made in his life from his early days to his professional life. He obtained a degree in production management from the University of Montreal’s HEC Montreal College. Louis Chenevert also holds an honorary degree the same college in 2011. The year two thousand and eleven was a good year for Louis Chenevert because it was the same period that he was named as the Person of the Year. Read more on

About Louis Chenevert

Born in Montreal, Chenevert received his first degree from HEC Montreal in production management. After his honorary doctorate from HEC Montreal, Louis Chenevert went on to attain another honorary doctorate from Concordia University. Louis Chenevert was employed by the General Motors for a period of 14 years. He rose to the rank of a general production manager before he left for Pratt and Whitney in 1993. Louis Chenevert was appointed the vice-president in-charge of operations before becoming president in 1999. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Daily Forex Report.

He moved to United Technologies Corporation in 2006 where he immediately rose to the rank of chief operating officer, director, and president. The company named Louis Chenevert as its Chief Executive Officer in 2008. By January 2010, Louis Chenevert was already the board chairperson of the company. Louis Chenevert became a board member at Cargill in 2011. The business council appointed him the vice-chair of its executive committee between 2011-2012. Louis Chenevert was feted with the Distinguished Award of the United States Service Organization. He resigned from the UTC’s CEO position in 2014 and was appointed the co-chair of the Congressional Medal Of Honor Foundation in March 2015.

Waiakea Water: A Refreshingly Different Choice

Undoubtedly, the bottled water industry is massive, generating approximately $100 million in global revenue yearly. Many water companies try to stand out by claiming health benefits due to their vitamin enhanced water or because of their superior filtration process.

However, Waiakea Water is actually significantly different than the rest of the bottled water choices. Not only is it made in Hawaii, which connotates natural lifestyles, it actually is sourced from water filtered by volcanic rock which has several health benefits (see below). Not only is Waiakea Water produced naturally, its bottles are better for the environment. Plastic waste is a major problem all over the world, and, specifically, in the U.S. only 23% of water bottles were recycled last year. However, in 2018, Waikakea Water will be introducing the a fully degradable water bottle – the first in the world. In addition, they only use recycled plastic. Read more about Waiakea Water on

One site listed Waiakea as the number one volcanic water in 2017. The site went on to explain that the water included minerals due to the process used. Lastly, they noted the distribution is not exclusive to Hawaii, but, includes the U.S. and other countries.

Specifically, Waiakea has grown drastically since its entrance to the market in 2012. It has grown 4000% since its introduction. Co-founder Ryan Emmons met three niches by producing his water: health benefits from volcanic water, eco-friendly packaging, and giving back by helping the needy.

The health benefits include a water that is rich in calcium, magnesium and potasium. In addition, the water is rich in alkaline and electrolytes which have been shown to help balance fluids and fight osteoporosis. Visit BevNet to know more.

As mentioned above, Waiakea Water not only exports to other countries, but, they also donate water to needy countries. The company donates water to needy countries in Africa and beyond. In particular, Waiakea assists the country of Malawi in Africa. Waiakea Water has donated 500 million liters of water to the needy areas through PumpAid, their charity partner.

So, not only is Waiakea Water a uniquely healthy choice of bottled water, they are environmentally conscious, and are providing water to the needy. That is truly refreshing.

George Soros – A Global Leader With a Heart

According to the Value standards of the Open Society Foundations, their aim is to support human rights, support a society where all people are free, erase inequalities, holding individuals in power accountable for their actions, help communities press for better changes, support an open society, support solutions that advance systemic change, and encourage debate and respect diverse opinions.

Its CEO and founder is Mr. George Soros, an Hungarian-American, who is a billionaire hedge fund manager. Mr. Soros created the Open Society Foundations over 30 years ago and which now operates as a philanthropic organization in the United States and in over 120 countries. The Open Society Foundations and its leadership addresses issues like relief for refugees, public health, early childhood, education, justice reform, promote human rights movements, support the LGBT community and minority movements.

In a major move over the years, Mr. Soros made an endowment of $18 billion out of his whole fortune of $23B, to the Open Society Foundations. This financial transfer makes it the largest wealth transfer made by a private donor to a foundation. The money also makes the second largest donation after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. George Soros founded the Open Society Foundation in 1993 and has spent nearly $14 billion funding programs around the world.

The Open Society Foundations typically spends close to $900 million annually on the programs and grants that match their mission and goals. After Mr. Soros transferred the bulk of his estate to Open Society Foundations, he stated that the foundation does not plan to increase any additional donations to their charities and organization in the near future.

Having lived through the atrocities of the Jewish-Hungarian war, George Soros became a liberal backer of causes. As such, he has immersed his support into the U.S. Democratic process by supporting many candidates, especially Hillary Clinton in her run for the presidency.

In the early 1940s Soros and his family fled the communist rule in his native country and eventually immigrated to the United States. Due to his history, he has become a leader of liberal causes, including political candidates like Hillary Clinton, in hopes of a better open society through George leadership. After living in the U.S. and attending higher educational institutions, George Soros had a gift for investments and became a success on Wall Street.

Up until Mr. Soros’ gift to his foundation he had given more than $30 billion to a number of national and international movements. The Open Society Foundations has both been openly and quietly involved in many movements around the globe. The organization funded treatment centers during the West Africa 2014 Ebola outbreak and created an institution to house the music, art, and highlighting the traditions of Europe’s Roma community.

The arts center stood for a voice that the Roma people did not have. Mr. Soros also supported many organizations designed to stop the 2016 hate crime and violence. His support was to the tune of $10 million. The Open Society Foundations is making a great impact on the world with their support on many social justice issues. At age 87, George Soros continues to be a visionary and overseer of the works of the Open Society Foundations.

The Backdrop For Highland Capital’s Amazing Year in 2016

Michael Gregory issued a brief statement regarding 2016, citing the company’s credit competency as for what held the greatest impact on these stock rises.

“When the oil prices started to bottom out in the early part of 2016, we bought the shares. These shares helped us to land where we are at now. We also focused on Master Limited Partnerships with great sponsors. Limited partnerships like SemGroup Corp and Energy Transfer Equity helped us to invest where we needed”.

Healthcare seems to be the only part of the dividends that are not yielding any results. Michael is confident that there will be a rebound by the end of this year. One of the reasons the healthcare sector is doing so bad is because of the opioid epidemic.

“People are scared. The insurance companies do not want to take a big risk until the situation is settled more. Insurance companies are beginning to turn around. They are fast-tracking their approval of less-addictive pain-killers more efficiently. My hope is that as insurance companies begin to make a turnaround then so will the stocks”.

We already have $200 million in sales. The biggest turnaround for companies is a drug that assists in knee replacement surgery.


The Fund That Became the Heavy Hitter: An Inside Look At Highland Capital’s Biggest Year Yet

You may have heard of Highland Capital last year. Their big year is due in large part to a man named Michael Gregory. His energy stock picks helped to skyrocket the equity and triple their returns. Michael Gregory wants to do the same thing with the healthcare sector. He says that many of them are out-of-date. He went on further to say that with his help they can come back in full force and yield the same returns. Visit to know more.

Two Other Big Players

There are two other big players, according to Michael Gregory. Energy is one. The second is real estate, more importantly, multifamily real estate. Gregory is confident that with the results they saw last year history will repeat itself once more. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.