Fabletics Is Standing Strong In The Industry Of E-commerce

Establishing a successful business in the fashion e-commerce market is no easy task. With more than half of the worlds doing their shopping online, it is no surprise that the industry is at its peak. With Amazon taking the lead, staying in competition has proven tough for some, but such is not the case for Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. While Amazon currently controls 20% of the fashion e-commerce industry, Fabletics is certainly taking their share of success. Since their 2013 launch, Fabletics has grown from a small startup to a $250 million business.


Redefining the limits for activewear, Fabletics uses a subscription-based approach to sell their clothing and offers a much more personalized experience than your typical online purchase. Each member is encouraged to take the LifeStyle quiz to help determine the styles that best match their individual fashion preferences. Fabletics uses the results of each LifeStyle quiz to hand select new outfits for members each month. The combination of affordable, convenience and personalization has proven to be the perfect recipe for success for the fashion-forward athleisure brand.


When asked about their biggest asset to success the companies General Manager, Gregg Throgmartin, says it starts with personalization. Today’s consumer wants to ensure that they are getting the best value for their money. By offering on-trend options that for the budget of today’s consumer, Fabletics has maintained the trust and loyalty of their subscribers.


When entrepreneurs and business partners Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg first began exploring the idea of fashion e-commerce, there was no question on who the duo wanted to represent the brand. Known for her relatable personality, and her love for fitness and promoting healthy lifestyles, Kate Hudson seemed to be the perfect fit. Thrilled at the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship, Hudson accepted the offer, and the team began building the Fabletics model. From the very beginning, Husdon has remained a hands-on member of the team, and actively oversees the daily operations of Fabletics, starting with inventory, and ending with customer reviews.


Her love for fitness and commitment to customer satisfaction are what make her a successful businesswoman, but Hudson admits that she will always be an actress first.

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