Glen Wakeman, Influencing the Business World

The MBA holder has made a name for himself as a business revolutionist. His desire to add a new touch to everything that crosses his path has made this possible. This has been well-illustrated by his performance methodology which has stood the test of time. Anyone who has emphasized on leadership power, governance, human capital, execution as well as risk management in their business can attest to the great success they have experienced. View Glen Wakeman’s profile

The vast experience he has acquired from the numerous managerial positions he has held enables him to inspire many people in the business world. He has also taken time to write about his success in investing. It has provided the much-needed advice to those who are new in the industry. Groups like Dreamfunded have sought his invaluable counsel on different market strategies.

Glen has worked in different countries where he was exposed to international financial platforms. These opportunities together with his passion for economic growth built his capacity in capital raising. He is keen to share all these business knowledge with anyone who cares to ask.

His desire to help startups who have a hard time creating plans for their novel ideas saw him build LaunchPad holdings. He does not believe in a one-person show. Distribution of responsibilities among his partners and employees on a daily basis as well as a high level of trust has kept him at the top of his game.


Much of the change that he has enacted boils down to his curious nature. A clear understanding of the why behind the what always leads to better decision making, especially when solving problems. Glen also runs his ideas with the people surrounding him to help him clarify anything that may be missing. His critics give him something to think about and stir him to fine-tune his ideas.

Glen Wakeman has embraced technology in his problem solving as it enhances the efficiency of his work. He holds discussions with most of his clients on Live chat and has used Fiver to acquire a lot of his resources inexpensively. He also gets to manage his time cost-effectively using Doodle that allows him to plan his calendar and organize meetings. The University of Scranton alumnus continues to influence business around the globe positively. Follow Glen Wakeman’s profile on Twitter.

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