Oncotarget: Targeting Aging Cells and Medical Publishings

Established in 2010, Oncotarget has grown to become one of the biggest and notable bio medical journals in the world. Published by Impact Journals, the twice weekly journals combine an array of medical research and oncology related literary content for readers. Follow Oncotarget on Twitter.

The group conducted one of the largest medical related summits in 2015. Medical professionals, researchers and students gathered in London. U.K to discuss the biology of aging. The summit provided a platform for professionals to share their extensive knowledge as well as discuss a host of ideas amongst their peers. Taking place in February of 2015, the information gathered that day has helped propel the research put into the field of cell aging. Follow Oncotarget on Linkedin.

The summit was split into four major sections, allowing guest to gather their thoughts and provide well receptive feedback. The aging of the brain, slowing down progression, self repair and age related diseases were the major key speaking points at the summit.

Following the previous success of their summit, the team at Oncotarget has recently dominated medical headlines for another possible medical breakthrough publishing. The group produced combined hours of research and presented the results of a Harvard Medical School team and its possible therapeutic strategy to treat drug resistant strands of thyroid cancer.

The results concluded that a FDA approved drug used formally to treat breast cancer, Palbociclib may be able to withstand resistance. Once coupled with Vemurafenib, the combination works effectively to prevent reoccurring cancer cells from splitting and mutating. Together the drugs also induce a stronger cell death rate than each could do on its own separately.

As the treatment is tested in clinical trials, studies further support the therapeutic strategy of both drugs used together for thyroid cancer treatment. By assisting in eliminating existing cancer cells and the prevention of possible new mutated cells from forming, patients are able to increase their chances of survival against the specifically targeted thyroid cancer.

Know more: https://www.researchgate.net/journal/1949-2553_Oncotarget

Adam Milstein Exposes Who Enemies Of Jewish And Israeli Community Are

Adam Milstein is the Managing Partner of one of Los Angeles’s largest Jewish-American owned real estate investment companies, Hager Pacific Properties. He’s also President of the Israeli-American Council and an author for the Jerusalem Post, and he wrote an article recently about who is promoting anti-Semitism around the world. He works to combat both anti-Israeli speech and anti-Semitic activities on college campuses and to encourage support for his native land through his philanthropy events.

According to Adam Milstein, a major source of today’s anti-Semitism is coming from radical Islam in conjunction with people on the progressive political left. For Milstein, it’s important that young Jewish college students and community leaders be aware of these people and have a plan to counter it. Milstein specifically mentioned Vermont senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders as having alliances with certain anti-Israeli propaganda groups. Milstein himself doesn’t consider himself to be on either side of politics, though one of his recent philanthropy supporters is Sheldon Adelson, a conservative donor.

Adam Milstein comes from Israel and was born just four years after its establishment in 1948. He served in the Israeli military during the Yom Kippur War, and afterward pursued his bachelor’s degree at the Technion. He also married Gila Elgrably not long after and for a few years he worked with his father in building framing and real estate investing. He then got his MBA from University of Southern California and went full-time into real estate brokering and helped launch Hager Pacific Properties along with David Hager and Robert Neal. Milstein is in charge of financing major commercial and residential property purchases.

Adam Milstein is head of both the Milstein Family Foundation and the Israeli-American Council. He and Gila don’t just give financial support to the groups they support, but are also actively involved in the group’s activities. Groups that are affiliated with the Milstein Family Foundation include Birthright Israel, Hasbara Fellowships, StandWithUs, Hillel International, Jerusalem U, and AIPAC. The Milsteins also help connect Jewish families to their roots through a Hebrew learning program that also has bedtime stories for children and more

What Made Medicine in Brazil so Great, with Jorge Moll

Brazilians have agreed on one thing: National medicine has come a long way in 50 years.

Those who have experienced mid-20th century known that hospitals were not in such a good condition as they are today. Commercial centers like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the two most significant states of the country, now have some of the best hospitals and healthcare institutions in Latin America.

This strong performance can be related to two major assets: The medical education of Brazilian Universities and the development of new technology to be used in clinics and for healthcare treatments and therapies. Learn more about Jorge Moll at Google Scholar.

The Brazilian education has some of the best Universities in Latin America, mainly USP, the best University of the country, which is located in the São Paulo capital; UniCamp, located in Campinas, one of the best Medical Schools of South America, and Unesp, which is also a very well-developed institution. Most of the Brazilian medics, surgeons, and doctors of reputation have studied in these facilities for being free and having some of the best professors and materials for research.

This, coupled together with technology, has resulted in a very drastic improvement in medicine and the healthcare industry.

Jorge Moll, the co-founder, and owner of the D’Or Hospitals network, which is simply the biggest chain of private hospitals in the country, having a total of 32 buildings scattered around Brazil, has stated his own opinions on the development of new technology to be used in clinics. Follow Jorge on linkedin.com.

As a Cardiologist himself, who has experienced treatments without modern tools and with them, Jorge Moll can say, with confidence, that technology can definitely improve the performance and effectiveness of therapies. Exams become easier to perform, with quicker and real-time results; professionals and doctors don’t have to rely on their senses anymore with advanced sensors and machinery; and patients can feel more comfortable and safe with tablets that can call nurses if help is required, and smartphones with applications that can measure the temperature and the heartbeat of the user.

With medicine, Jorge Moll firmly believes that technology will be mandatory. In that aspect, Brazil has already improved, and will continue to do so if both quality education and modern solutions are available.

Know more: http://moll-lab.org/our-team/jorge-moll

Glen Wakeman, Influencing the Business World

The MBA holder has made a name for himself as a business revolutionist. His desire to add a new touch to everything that crosses his path has made this possible. This has been well-illustrated by his performance methodology which has stood the test of time. Anyone who has emphasized on leadership power, governance, human capital, execution as well as risk management in their business can attest to the great success they have experienced. View Glen Wakeman’s profile linkedin.com.

The vast experience he has acquired from the numerous managerial positions he has held enables him to inspire many people in the business world. He has also taken time to write about his success in investing. It has provided the much-needed advice to those who are new in the industry. Groups like Dreamfunded have sought his invaluable counsel on different market strategies.

Glen has worked in different countries where he was exposed to international financial platforms. These opportunities together with his passion for economic growth built his capacity in capital raising. He is keen to share all these business knowledge with anyone who cares to ask.

His desire to help startups who have a hard time creating plans for their novel ideas saw him build LaunchPad holdings. He does not believe in a one-person show. Distribution of responsibilities among his partners and employees on a daily basis as well as a high level of trust has kept him at the top of his game.

View: http://www.glenwakeman.com/in-the-press/

Much of the change that he has enacted boils down to his curious nature. A clear understanding of the why behind the what always leads to better decision making, especially when solving problems. Glen also runs his ideas with the people surrounding him to help him clarify anything that may be missing. His critics give him something to think about and stir him to fine-tune his ideas.

Glen Wakeman has embraced technology in his problem solving as it enhances the efficiency of his work. He holds discussions with most of his clients on Live chat and has used Fiver to acquire a lot of his resources inexpensively. He also gets to manage his time cost-effectively using Doodle that allows him to plan his calendar and organize meetings. The University of Scranton alumnus continues to influence business around the globe positively. Follow Glen Wakeman’s profile on Twitter.

Eli Gershkovitch Has Plans For Steamworks

Nobody can deny the reality that craft brewing has taken off in recent years. It’s a global phenomena with companies sprouting up just about everywhere. These companies are succeeding because they offer customers something they haven’t gotten from the corporate run world around them. People clearly want to get away from that and they certainly end up getting that out of Eli Gershkovitch’s Steamworks. He wants to make sure the vision for Steamworks continues into the future, but he also wants to see it expand well beyond what it is today. He understands that Millennials are absolutely in love with craft beers and he plans to capitalize on that. Learn more about Eli Gershkovitch at Crunchbase.

Craft beers are becoming popular among younger drinkers for a reason. They have seen recessions and economic turmoil devastate the business world, but seeing something start out so small and grow so large is giving them hope they didn’t have in the past. There is so much more to gain and so little to deny from the success of Steamworks. It’s creating an entirely new way of thinking about craft beer for those who otherwise feel no reason to get involved with this sort of thing. Millennials are being given the torch and the right to turn craft brewing into something much bigger by Eli Gershkovitch. Follow Eli Gershkovitch’s profile on twitter.com.

Eli Gershkovitch hasn’t gotten where he is because he decided he was going to take the easy way out. Instead, he chose to do just about everything he could to make the world around Eli Gershkovitch better and he chose to give his hobby the special interest it needed in order to become something much greater. Steamworks continues to grow even thought it’s been around since 1995. There are few companies that have reached the level of success the creation of Eli Gershkovitch has. It may not happen overnight, but it’s clear that he’s at the center of a revolution. There’s something about craft beer that appeals to our desire to see things homemade and close to us. If Eli Gershkovitch can continue doing what he does, we will probably see even more people decide to hope on this band wagon.

Read: https://thenewsversion.com/2017/10/eli-gershkovitch-takes-approach/