The Backdrop For Highland Capital’s Amazing Year in 2016

Michael Gregory issued a brief statement regarding 2016, citing the company’s credit competency as for what held the greatest impact on these stock rises.

“When the oil prices started to bottom out in the early part of 2016, we bought the shares. These shares helped us to land where we are at now. We also focused on Master Limited Partnerships with great sponsors. Limited partnerships like SemGroup Corp and Energy Transfer Equity helped us to invest where we needed”.

Healthcare seems to be the only part of the dividends that are not yielding any results. Michael is confident that there will be a rebound by the end of this year. One of the reasons the healthcare sector is doing so bad is because of the opioid epidemic.

“People are scared. The insurance companies do not want to take a big risk until the situation is settled more. Insurance companies are beginning to turn around. They are fast-tracking their approval of less-addictive pain-killers more efficiently. My hope is that as insurance companies begin to make a turnaround then so will the stocks”.

We already have $200 million in sales. The biggest turnaround for companies is a drug that assists in knee replacement surgery.


The Fund That Became the Heavy Hitter: An Inside Look At Highland Capital’s Biggest Year Yet

You may have heard of Highland Capital last year. Their big year is due in large part to a man named Michael Gregory. His energy stock picks helped to skyrocket the equity and triple their returns. Michael Gregory wants to do the same thing with the healthcare sector. He says that many of them are out-of-date. He went on further to say that with his help they can come back in full force and yield the same returns. Visit to know more.

Two Other Big Players

There are two other big players, according to Michael Gregory. Energy is one. The second is real estate, more importantly, multifamily real estate. Gregory is confident that with the results they saw last year history will repeat itself once more. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

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