How Sahm Adrangi has Helped Improve Capital Management

Capital management is an important part of a thriving business as it helps maintain equal and sufficient levels of current assets, working capital, and current liabilities. It also helps a company gather for its expense obligations while maintaining enough cash flow. One of the leaders who have helped shaped this field is Sahm Adrangi; the Chief Investment Officer and founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management. Since founding the company in 2009, Adrangi has been actively involved in all aspects of its development. Once of his great achievements was growing the firm to $150 as of 2017 from the initial $1 million.

Famous for publishing research and short selling, Adrangi shares his company’s views on stocks like overhyped shorts and under-followed longs that are usually unclear in the market. His research focuses on correcting the widely held misconceptions about fundamental business prospects of companies. He does this through his company’s website, Twitter, and third-party investment sites. In recent years, Adrangi has been focusing the company’s efforts on various specific sectors where it has gained experience. One of these is biotechnology sector where he has published research on companies at the development stage including Safgen, Bavarian Nordic, Unilife, Sage Therapeutics, and Pulse Bioscience.

Sahm Adrangi has played an activist role in many investments in addition to research publishing. In 2003, for instance, he worked with Lindsay Corporation to optimize its capital allocation and cash deployment policies. He also led a contest that saw Morgans Hotel Group directors replaced with two others from his 2014 elected slate. Adrangi started his career at Deutsche Bank by performing leveraged and high-yield loan debt financings and advising committees in out-of-court and bankruptcy restructuring situations at Chanin Capital Partners.

A holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Yale University, Sahm Adrangi has spoken in several conferences including Value Investing, Sohn, Traders 4 a Cause, and the Activist Investor conferences. He has also been featured in Bloomberg and CNBC interviews and publications like the Wall Street Journal.

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