Study: Organo Gold Coffee May Help You Live Longer

Good news! As USA Today reports, authors of two recent medical studies have come to the conclusion that drinking coffee may reduce your risk of stroke and heart disease and therefore extend your life. Data from nearly 200,000 Americans from multiple ethnic groups were used in the studies, and results all pointed towards a positive correlation between good long-term health and coffee consumption.


The American study took place over 16 years, and individuals who drank two to three cups of coffee had fewer health problems than those who drank no coffee. Researchers separated subjects who smoke from those who don’t in order to isolate the effects of drinking coffee. A parallel study took place in Europe with similar results and looked at the coffee-drinking habits and health of roughly half a million people. Both studies looked carefully at the correlation between heart disease and drinking coffee in particular. Visit to know more.

About Organo Gold

These studies confirm what the entrepreneurs and health enthusiasts at Organo have long believed, that the company’s own coffee products can help their customers live fuller, longer lives. Organo Gold is an international marketing company that focuses on consumer health, and the simple, rich coffee that they sell is at the heart of their mission. Follow Organo Gold on

More than a mere company, the Organo team has a shared set of values. They believe strongly that we are stronger as people when we are united, and they encourage community within their organization. They also believe that anyone with the necessary desire and drive can work with them towards financial success and life balance.


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