Sentient AI Conversion Rate Optimization

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology is disrupting a whole lot of industries and enabling customer acquisitions and optimizing conversion rate. By embracing the newest technological advances in the industry and embracing the use of AI, thousands of sites have increased their key metrics — one of them being conversion rate. Professionals and businesses can make use of the combination of analytics, usability testing, customer insights and other principles centered on conversion and evaluating each step of the customer journey.

Conversion rate optimization is merely the procedures by which new sites test their ideas to figure out better working converting designs. The ideas for changes could be as small as a button color, and it could be large changes such as a whole page redesign. However, different sites optimize for different metrics; some could be add-to-cart or Average-Order-Value or lead generation.

There’s a company that is strongly devoted to AI and offering quality technology to businesses and sites. Sentient AI is among the world leaders when it comes to distributed AI technology. Its solution for the optimization of conversion rate is the first in the market. It built its solutions on artificial intelligence, and these solutions have ever since become a massive assistance to online marketers. It introduced the Sentient AI – Multi-Variate Testing solution into the market, and it has been an effective solution that boosts e-commerce conversion rate. Users are getting double-digit conversion rate because they can easily and quickly test their ideas using the Sentient AI – Multi-variate Testing solution. It’s a powerful AI technology with evolutionary algorithms.

There are big advantages to multivariate testing in conversion rate optimization. The testing is a more robust and sophisticated conversion rate optimization. The alternative to multivariate testing is A/B testing. This is just testing a current design against another design, a newer one, while A/B testing only allows you to examine a plan or experience with a newer design, multivariate testing allows multiple ideas to be tested at once. This is particularly great for online marketers that are full of creativity and have an abundance of ideas to test. Marketers can test a varied number of images, design, copy and other basic interaction changes that can increase conversion rate and revenue.

The contributions of Sentient AI is being felt in the e-commerce industry with its advanced AI technology helping sites convert mere casual users of the internet into actual customers. Improvement in conversion rate is always the ultimate goal of any e-commerce site, and Sentient AI is doing its best through artificial intelligence technology to solve that challenge.

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