Thanks To The Power Of The Crowd Fabletics Has Grown By 200%

These days it is the power of the crowd that determines what consumers ultimately purchase. This is because customers are very savvy and are no longer swayed by million dollar ad campaigns.


Instead they look to user reviews when it comes down to making a purchasing decision. Smart brands such as Fabletics are capitalizing on this trend and using it to reach thousands of new customers every month.


Since launching in 2013 Fabletics has quickly grown by more than 200% and is currently bringing in well over $200 million in revenue per year. Not bad for a company that started less than 5 years ago.


According to Shawn Gold, the Corporate Marketing Officer of the Fabletics’ parent company TechStyle Fashion Group, this quick growth can be directly attributed to the power of the crowd.


Understanding how important reviews are throughout the customer journey, the Fabletics marketing team leveraged the power of the crowd to increase customer acquisition and improve customer loyalty.


What Makes The Power Of The Crowd So Powerful?


The number one thing that makes the power of the crowd so powerful is trust. According to a study done by BrightLocal, over 80% of consumers trust online reviews just as much as they trust a personal recommendation.


Peter Holten Mühlmann, the Founder and CEO of TrustPilot, says that when it comes to traditional marketing and advertising, consumer trust is at an all time low. The power is now in the user review. Smart brands such as Fabletics understand this and are using it to grow their companies exponentially.


Kate Hudson and Fabletics


Kate Hudson has been a huge part of the Fabletics team from day one. Her active yet stylish lifestyle makes her the perfect fit for an innovative company such as Fabletics.


As part of the team, Hudson is involved in everything from figuring out the best social media strategy to making sure the budget is in tact. She is very hands on and works closely with the team to ensure the Fabletics style is always fresh.


The great thing about Kate Hudson is how authentic she is. She’s not the type of celebrity who will endorse something just for the money. When she endorses something it is because she truly believes in it. And Fabletics is a venture she truly believes in.


To learn more about Fabletics and their amazing products, visit them online at While there be sure to take the Lifestyle Quiz to find out what Fabletics gear will work best for you and your workout style.

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