George Soros’ Triumphant Return to American Politics

In the United States there are precious few billionaires that are progressive and willing to put their money where their mouth is. George Soros is probably the most prominent of the bunch but up until 2016 he had mostly retired from the political landscape. Well, the election campaign of Donald Trump was so divisive and inflammatory that it shocked Soros back into action. With Donald Trump running for President of the United States the Democrats and progressives in America saw their biggest ally pushed back into the arena. Soros is back and he is here to make a difference.

George Soros is an investor and a philanthropist. He has made billions of dollars over the years through his hedge fund but he has given nearly $12 billion of it away through his foundation, the Open Society Foundations. Soros has long stood for all of the best aspects of man: social justice, transparent governing, artistic freedom, freedom of expression and more. Over the past several decades he has worked tirelessly to fight for those traits on every continent on Earth. Now, Soros is heading back home to America to try and make the biggest difference of all. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

George Soros and Donald Trump are as unlike one another as it is possible to be. Soros knew he had to return to politics the moment he heard Trump’s divisive and dangerous campaign rhetoric. The stakes were simply too high to sit idly by. So, George Soros returned and along the way he would contribute nearly $25 million to Hillary Clinton and other progressive campaigns. Soros’ goal was to undo the damage that Donald Trump was actively imparting upon the country. More engaged than ever before, Soros stands tall to give progressives some hoping going into the future.

While Donald Trump would win the Presidency, his election wouldn’t put an end to George Soros. Soros and other elite progressives have teamed up, determined to fight back against Trump’s dangerous and destructive agenda. Their mission includes funding progressives at every level of government while also working hand in hand with grassroots campaigns and foundations all over the country. This isn’t Soros’ first time through the ringer and a look back in time could shed some light on what to expect in the future. Visit this site to know more at

Do you remember the Ferguson protests? These protests were regarding an unarmed black suspect who was shot to death by a white police officer. People took to the streets to match for equality and to ask for justice, a closer look at how the Ferguson P.D. treated minority suspects. The reason these protesters could so effectively march was because their grassroots campaign had received funding from Soros’ own Open Society Foundations. His indirect contributions helped to get the Ferugson protests off of the ground.

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