Do Not Miss These Wedding Locations

Want the perfect wedding pictures? George Street Photo and Video Locations are in over 40 different cities. Two of their location would be flawless for wedding photos or video. The first location is in Orland Park, Illinois. The Village of Orland Park is a beautiful suburb of Chicago. This village would be a fantastic choice for wedding photos or video because it contains over 60 parks in the community. If you planned for a winter wedding, The Winter Wonderland Ice Rink would be an astounding background. The other location is in Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland offers the Chagrin Falls Triangle Park and the Metroparks Zoo/Rainforest. Either of these sites contributes unique surroundings for unique weddings.


1 thought on “Do Not Miss These Wedding Locations”

  1. I could remember Mai saying, George Street Photo and Video is the only option for the awkward photos we had last summer. I never knew what was happenning not until I came in one of George Street Photo and Video’s location, Orland Park, Illinois. No wonder, review has done a great review about their services which has satisfied customers. Although, I have not been there, I learnt through Rubby, that Cleveland, Ohio’s location park full features that you just need to make your day.

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