Say What?! These insane Harry Potter fan theories may actually BE TRUE!


The Harry Potter universe is one filled with magic, wonder, and insane twists and turns. So it’s no wonder that fans of the series have developed their own crazy theories about the wizarding world. ] Author J.K Rowling has even added fuel to the fire by suggesting that some of these Harry Potter fan theories may actually be true! Here are just a few of the insane fan theories lingering around the web.

  1. The entire series is hallucination


One theory is that Harry has dreamt up this entire magical world from his room underneath the Dursley’s stairs. Rowling has acknowledged this theory by suggesting that he might have gone mad in living with the Dursleys. No Dumbledore?! NO!!!


  1. George Weasley becomes Willy Wonka


The similarities are certainly there. They are both eccentric men with an insatiable appetite for jokes and candy. The theory is that after the death of his brother Fred, George fulfills his brother’s dream by becoming a candy tycoon. Come to think of it, Willy Wonka has always had an inexplicable magical flair.


  1. Harry can never die


Professor Trelawney’s prophecy stated that “Either must die at the hand of the other, neither can live while the other survives”. Harry did defeat Voldemort so it makes perfect sense that he can no longer die. On the bright side, that means that Voldemort can’t ever come back, which is sort of sad because he definitely makes any list of villains from now until the end of time.


As far as Harry Potter theories go, these are pretty crazy. Here’s hoping for another book to explain it all!

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Shooting Photos

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