Calls For Free

Securus is a company that many jails and prisons across the country use so that inmates can call home to their family and friends. In the wake of the recent flooding in Louisiana, Securus has made it possible so that inmates across the state can make one free call to family members each day. Securus knows that it’s important for inmates to keep in touch with those they love in times of crisis so that they don’t add to the anxiety already felt while being incarcerated.


The company will let inmates make a free call a day until September 7, 2016. The company is expected to provide about $300,000 worth of free phone calls. This is a huge cut to the amount of money that the company makes from people who put money on an account to accept a phone call, but it is a benefit to everyone involves. It’s a gesture that other phone companies should follow and that Securus should be commended for as they are making sure inmates rest a little easier at night.