Dick DeVos and the Prestigious West Michigan Aviation Academy

The West Michigan Aviation Academy is the name of a prominent charter high school. It’s situated in Grand Rapids, which is a large West Michigan city. Dick DeVos founded the educational institution in the autumn of 2010. Tuition is not required for students who attend the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The academy is located at Gerald R. Ford International Airport.

The school’s first students enrolled in late 2010. There were initially a total of 80 pupils, all of whom were freshmen. The West Michigan Aviation Academy‘s curriculum is centered around aviation, which is not surprising. Although aviation is indeed a strong area of concentration for the pupils who attend this academy, there are many other vital academic focuses at the school, too. Other subjects that are greatly emphasized at the West Michigan Aviation Academy include physical education, health, social studies, engineering, world languages, science, mathematics, English and technology.

Dick DeVos is a well-known entrepreneur. The businessman was born with the name Richard Marvin DeVos, Jr. His date of birth is October 21st in 1955. He was born in Grand Rapids, the city of the West Michigan Aviation Academy’s location. His father is Richard DeVos, one of the individuals who created Amway. Amway is a well-known multi-level marketing business that has its main location in Ada, Michigan. Dick DeVos is married to Betsy Prince. Another notable business that was established by DeVos is called Windquest Group. DeVos works as Windquest Group’s president. DeVos is committed to the idea of bettering Grand Rapids, his beloved hometown.

Patrick J. Cwayna serves as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the West Michigan Aviation Academy. Cwayna has worked as Michigan educator for close to four decades now. He worked as East Grand Rapids High School’s principal for more than two decades, too.